Website As A Service


How This Works

Small business succeed by focusing on their work and "farming out" other needs: Payroll, Accounting, IT Management, & Website Development. H.D. Enterprises is offering Website As A Service to its small business clients.

What is WAAS?

WAAS stands for Website As A Service. Instead of paying to develop a website that will be outdated in a year or two, H.D. Enterprises can build you a stellar site and keep it updated for you: integrations, media, content, security.


What Features Are There?

  • We make sure that your site is safely hosted on AWS, Amazon Web Services, with no page limits, crafted design, and maintenance.
  • Your site will be responsive on phones, tablets, desktops; your content will always be optimized to help your endeavor succeed.
  • Integrated Google Analytics with monthly reporting.

What Does it Cost for a website as a service?

Here at H.D. Enterprises, we work with the small business owner with a plan that fits their budget. Packages start at $500 down and $99 a month.


Ok....Great! How do I sign up?

We'd be quite confused to randomly get payments - please contact us to work out the details. or fill out the form below!

About Us

Michael Higgins is the owner-operator of Higgins Dynamic – H.D. – Enterprises. Originally from the Jacksonville, Florida area; he attended university in Naples, FL at Ave Maria. There he majored in History, with a minor in Politics, and graduated December 2007.

Since his high school sweetheart and then fiance, attended USF, he settled down in Tampa. After teaching history and theology for five years at Jesuit High and helping them develop their iPad Beta program, he decided to start his own business in 2014.

Since then, he’s focused on improving the security, public face, and efficiency of small businesses and non-profits in Tampa Bay.

Small Business Mobile IT Support


Running a small business efficiently takes time, talent and technology; sometimes having an IT guy on staff doesn’t make sense but you know that you still need your technology serviced. That’s where HD Enterprises comes in; we provide small business mobile IT support and consulting throughout Tampa and its northern areas.

As IT Consultants, we listen to the difficulties and pain points that small businesses and 501C3 organizations suffer and provide solutions.

If your small business or 501C3 organization needs help with its website, app, database or social media, contact us and we’ll provide you a custom solution!

Your Public Face

We build websites that range from glorified business cards that offer business owners an online resume, through membership based sites, all the way to e-commerce sites.

We make sure our customers own their sites when we’re done: the site, hosting, and domain belong to you. We’re here to help you make the best public face for your company possible.

…And what of this strange new world of social media?

We manage that for our clients, too.

Want more business? Check!

Want us to engage your online customers? Check!

Want a system that works for you? Check!